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What an  8-year-old taught me this past Christmas

What an  8-year-old taught me this past Christmas


Here’s a warm and, in my opinion, absolutely incredible story that happened just a few weeks ago as an 8-year-old girl entered the Christmas season. It takes place in Vancouver, Washington, and involves a young lady from a family of five kids and two parents who are teachers—not a wealthy family in terms of the riches of the world, by any means. It is best told through two letters she wrote to Santa Claus, in her own words, punctuation, and spelling.
Dear Santa Clause,
I have been good this year! Most of the time! Some things I would appreciate for Christmas are lots of coats to give to kids who don’t have any. Plus food to give to them
to. Also medicene to help them when their ill. Don’t forget umbrellas and blankets! Another thing is some toys for them. I would only like 1 thing for me. A Rubix cube! I understand if you can’t do those things. I’ll just have to do food and coat drives.

Now, I don’t know about you, but when I was eight-years-old, I gave nary a thought to anyone but myself (I wanted Remco Science Kits, which Santa mysteriously found in his bag of toys to leave that year…); I had essentially zero awareness of “kids who don’t have any…” and even if I did, my maturity was limited to what we at New View Concepts call First Paradigm of the Mind approach to things—very self-centered. This young girl naturally operated in the Third Paradigm of the Mind. That she had not only awareness of but also a desire to help those who had very little is astonishing and says much about her character and the training from her parents.
Second, where and when did she gain the understanding that if Santa couldn’t deliver on her request, “I’ll just have to do food and coat drives.”? As adults acquainted with the real world, we know that “If it is to be, it’s up to me…” But an 8-year-old kid?
The rest of the story is equally heart-warming. She didn’t wait for Santa. Helped by her parents, she organized a coat drive and got the community involved in something that blessed the lives of both givers and receivers. Here is her second letter to Santa, letting him know the status of things so that he wouldn’t duplicate effort.
Dear Santa,
If you ever get my
letter please know we got the coat thing handled. People have been bringing a lot more coats than we expected. We have about 300 coats. Possibly even more! Lots of people should be on the NICE LIST. So the only thing we need is food to give away.
P.S. I decided I don’t really need the Rubix cube.

She had a vision, an earnest desire. She determined she would “Light that Vision.” It became a goal which she acted upon. She solicited help from those around her. She systematized processes. She reported back. And she succeeded! Her instinctive understanding of the Essential-Simple-Accountable model that we teach at NVC is wonderful and serves to teach us who look at her example.
What is your Vision in 2019? I am motivated by the standard set by an eight-year-old to elevate my thinking and actions to a higher level. What about you?
Meanwhile, stay strong, see the change and Light your Vision!
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