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The Law of Intention

The Law of Intention

The Mind can be trained to Conceive great and passion-filled Vision. You can rationally choose to Believe in your compelling Vision and deliberately and intentionally direct your dominant thought to generate Behavior/Actions that bring that Vision into reality—to Achieve.

With ​the Law of Imagination, we picture what we want. With the Law of Personal Responsibility, we take ownership of the pictures our Imagination produces. A third law, the Law of Intention, gives intentional direction and purpose. Imagination without responsibility and intentional direction is just a daydream. Strip your Vision of accountability and purpose, and it is likely that what is left is just a hallucination.

This is an extremely important point that you need to understand. What you see literally (your vision) and how you frame what you see (the light you shed upon it) drives your thinking. Your dominant thinking—those thoughts that occupy the stage of your mind frequently, repetitively and with vivid imagery, intensity—drive your behavior.

​Your behaviors are the actions that bring about your future, the reality of your life. The Law of Intention says you can train your Mind to obey your will and desires in this crucial process.

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