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The Law of Imagination: Thoughts Are Things

The Law of Imagination: Thoughts Are Things

Thoughts are things. Every great progress in history began as a thought in someone’s imagination.

​The Wright brothers imagined flying and the era of air travel was born.

A colony of people imagined a world where all men are created equal, endowed by God with certain inalienable rights including Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness—and a great nation was forged into existence.

John Kennedy articulated the collective imagination of his country when he uttered his famous space-race challenge, and within a decade man set foot upon the moon.

Johann Gutenberg, encouraged by Anna Gutenberg’s dream of having a printed Bible, imagined a method and technology unknown in his world, and the printing press changed humankind forever.

​“Each time you ‘see’ yourself performing exactly the way you want with perfect form, you physically create neural patterns in your brain.
– Kay Porter and Judy Foster, The Mental Athlete

Thoughts bathed in Light generate more energy and light. Conversely, thoughts submerged in darkness become evil reality in their own realm.

Lee Harvey Oswald’s imagination led him to assassinate a president; the law of boomerang (aka “karma”) returned and he was assassinated himself.

Joseph Stalin’s imagination led him to lust for power and control; more than 60 million people died as a result of his policies and executions.

Elizabeth Bathory (aka “Countess Dracula”) imagined that the blood of young girls would keep her young and beautiful; her unspeakable cruelty led to the torture and death of more than 650 girls.

For good or ill, our thoughts create the world we see. Imagination is the beginning of the power of creation.

A business starts as a thought in the mind of an entrepreneur.

A marriage begins with a shared sensory-rich picture of happiness together between two people.

Weight-loss can be initiated by the thought of a slim, healthy, trim body.

A career starts with a vivid picture.

Financial prosperity is obtained when thoughts of financial well-being start a process and sequence of events that brings one to the desired destination.

Studies have shown that the subconscious mind cannot distinguish the difference between that which we vividly and frequently imagine and what we experience at the physical reality level. The surgeon Maxwell Maltz observed: “Your nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined experience and a ‘real’ experience. In either case, it reacts automatically to information which you give to it from your forebrain.”

The Law of Imagination is not limited to only mind pictures. You can include the sense of touch, smell, taste, and sound as well as sight. It is not limited to time or space. It can take us long distances in an instant, moving at the speed of thought, according to the principles of bundles of energy known as quanta (the field of quantum physics). It transcends time: We possess the incredible capability of constructing images in the present that can travel ahead in time to govern and create our future. We also have the amazing capacity to travel back in time to past events and renovate our old perceptions or innovate new interpretations about those events, thus obtaining a “new view,” thereby changing our past and altering our present.

​Throughout this course, we invite you to Light your Vision, to ignite a life lived by intentional design rather than defaulting to your usual habits, your dominant thinking that may be holding you back.

Is your dream to have more money?

Is it to find the love of your life, your “soul-mate?”

Is it to enjoy great health, to be physically fit?

Is it to increase the ability to smoothly and easily deal with life’s problems?

Is it to change the world through your ideas and service?

A good night’s sleep? More “stuff?” Bigger house? Better family relationships? A contributor in your community? Prosperity, plenty, peace?

​One of the foundational laws we must understand and work with whatever your vision, is the Law of Imagination. ​​

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