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The GB2B Foundation


The Prison Project

The GO Broken to Beautiful Foundation is dedicated to providing training and coaching for people who are incarcerated, people who have been incarcerated, and people whose at risk behaviors are predictive of future incarceration.

Multistate recidivism analyses suggests an estimated 68% of released prisoners were arrested within 3 years, 79% within 6 years, and 83% within 9 years (NCJ Number 250975, May 2018, Recidivism of Prisoners Released). Without a plan, without education, without a body of people who care enough to reach out to help these broken people, not knowing or learning anything different, two thirds of these prisoners will fall victim again to temptations, poor choices, and the cruelties of human life, and their cycles of abuse and legal entanglements will continue. If these inmates go into jail/prison with no skills or tools to help them be accountable and more response-able, and they likewise come out with no skills or tools, their lives will be no different, and prison/jail will most likely be in their face again.

We provide a whole-person approach intended to develop and expand the individual’s proficiency in identifying their life purpose and to ignite the resolve to intentionally direct personal choices designed to realize that life purpose.

Based on the unique and successful GO Broken to Beautiful™ and GO Broken to Badass™ Courses with the #1 International Bestselling Client Manual (GO Broken to Beautiful: What to Do When Life Leaves You Broken), our trained and certified volunteer Personal Response-Ability Coaches™ give inmates and ex-felons hope. Our objective is to reduce recidivism, and stop generational abuse, crime, poverty, and addiction.

Inmates overcome their broken state and ignite a new life of peace, love, and significance, becoming stronger, wiser, more capable, more resilient, and more confident than ever before. We help inmates create and implement their personal, step-by-step plan to achieve success without the stress of fear, judgment, or guilt.

Our Quantum Thought Training Program is proven to aid program participants to:

a) increase their ability to respond (“response-ability”) to life’s trials and challenges,

b) identify possible options when those trials and challenges arise,

c) evaluate their options effectively, and choose the best path,

d) develop the skills necessary to follow through on their best option choice, and

e) build a supportive network that enhances their chances of success.


Inmates are learning basic skills that will help them in all six areas of life: physical, social, financial, business and career, and emotional/mental/psychological, spiritual.


• solid life skills and habits

• quantum thought tools to stop negative thinking patterns (that take them down into depression, or to the same destructive behaviors)

• to live in a new, positive paradigm (fostering a life of integrity and respect for humankind)

• to set and live within healthy boundaries (recognizing and eliminating toxic relationships)

• to become responsible and service-minded citizens

• to address past traumas (“re-writing” difficult memories that trigger emotional panic and paralyzation)

• discover their purpose (why they are here on earth, how to leave a legacy)

• good communication skills (how to “resolve” rather than “dissolve” relationships when issue arise)

• to overcome procrastination, self-sabotage, financial failure, and poor self-image

• develop a stronger relationship with God (to be accountable not only to themselves, but to a power greater than themselves)

• that “mistakes” do not define us

• to forgive their perpetrators—and themselves (many have found peace for the first time)

• walk with integrity (their word is their bond)

• to live in the love/caring paradigm (relationships become more important than being right or wrong, decisions are based on a “win/win” outcome)

It is very difficult for an ex-felon to get a good paying job when released from prison. Through the GB2B Foundation, we are teaching the inmates who want to, to become mentors and trained and certified Personal Response-Ability Coaches™ employed by the Foundation, to take these life-changing courses into the jails and prisons NATIONWIDE–just one way to inspire a life of purpose and passion, an occupation that fosters self-satisfaction, self-worth, and a sense of great accomplishment.

The Foundation also advocates with government, legal, education, employment, religious, family, medical, social, and other entities for full acceptance back into society.

If your life mission aligns with this “mission,” we invite you to jump on board and get involved by endorsing, fundraising, donating, volunteering, and supporting this magnificent endeavor.


  • LIKE/SHARE this page, and post information on Facebook and other social media
  • Call the GO Broken to Beautiful Board President at 208-403-9083, or email your interest in volunteering at renee@newviewconcepts.com
  • Volunteer for the Fundraising Committee or Program Committee
  • List your skills, talents, education and submit to the GB2B Board for consideration in the many committees now forming
  • Train and certify as Personal Response-Ability Coach™ to coach inmates personally
  • Fundraise in your community or church
  • Contact your state correctional facilities and promote this program
  • Write a letter to an inmate inviting him/her to this program (ask a GB2B-Foundation Board Member for a The Prison Project Inmate Info Packet and send it with your letter)
  • Pay for an inmate or ex-felon to go through this program
  • Become a pen pal to an inmate
  • Make a short video promoting our cause and post on You Tube, other social media
  • Join the Quantum Shift Group for those Broken by Life (Facebook private group)
  • Advocate with your state/government leaders
  • Use your circle of influence to find others to volunteer for this cause

Transformation takes place one soul at a time, and….

When you change the face of a man, of a woman, of a family, or a community…you change the face of a nation.

DONATIONS: https://DONATE-GB2BF-ThePrisonProject

Rene’e La Montagne Dunn, GB2B Foundation, President and CO-Founder

208-403-9083 renee@newviewconcepts.com

Visit Our Website: www.GOBrokentoBeautifulFoundation.org

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