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Cat’s story of her journey through the GO Broken to Beautiful™ Course

Kellie’s testimony of the GO Broken to Beautiful™ and GO Broken to Badass™ Course, and the Personal Response-Ability Coaching™ program

Sherry’s testimony of abuse, depression and the GO Broken to Beautiful™ Course

Abeir shares the value of immediate change through the concepts taught in the GO Broken to Beautiful™ Course

VisionLight™ Essentials Quantum Thought Training System and the GO Broken to Beautiful™ with Jesse Dunn was a dynamic life-changing experience. My husband Michael and I went through the initial course and were blown away by the information we were given and the exercises that we learned in order to retain this information and use it on a daily basis. We have been to many PMA seminars and trainings in our lives, but “VisionLight” truly brought light to the meaning of “living by intentional design, and Not by Default.” We recommend this training to everyone who wants to BE more and DO more in life. This is truly the training that will teach you how to achieve your dreams and live in peace while doing it!”

–S./B. B., Colorado

“The most helpful thing to me was thinking about my thinking— digging down to the roots, getting to the basics and breaking it all down. I was surprised to realize how much I just accept by default.”

–T.R., Montana

“Top-notch. Every person should sign-up straight away!”

– H.W., U.K.

Over the years I have taken several mind-stretching classes to help me reach my life’s dreams. However, never have I been taught to use such remarkable tools to train myself to get there! Jesse Dunn popped the lid off my ‘Victim Mentality’ thinking processes. I am no longer held captive by powerful negative thoughts. As I practice using these simple but immensely powerful tools, I am reaching my goals! I am learning to live my life by design rather than default! I CAN CHOOSE MY DESTINY! My life has changed dramatically. I am now so excited about the legacy I am building and will (eventually) be leaving behind. God has blessed me to the MAX—and this journey is SO exciting!

–R.L., Colorado