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Rachel Barnhart, Recovery Coach

My story is a journey that took me from darkness to Light. It was only through Faith in the One True Power, the Loving Unseen–that’s everywhere and all around–that my life became abundant and radiant.

I was desperate for the approval of others even as a child.  I searched for meaning, purpose, and what I thought was success in the material world. I found nothing of substance.

If I were to use one word to describe my life, it would be “alcohol.” Most of my life has centered around active alcoholism and Recovery—and skirting death.  I started drinking in my early teens and was an alcoholic before graduating from high school.  Material achievement and my identity was based on who I thought I should be and on my career, instead of who I really am.  I led a double life – one of outward success and inward misery.

I’ve had many dark hours and many bottoms.  Eventually, my alcoholism brought me to a place where I lived in my own self-created mental prison of misery and self-loathing.  I was unable to quit drinking!  Then one day…  On my daughter’s birthday I dreadfully wanted her to have one special day without her drunk mom!  But, how?  How was I going to make it through that one crucial day without drinking?  I was so broken.  I felt shattered.  Terrified and traumatized. I could not stop drinking no matter how hard I tried!!


I decided that birthday was my last birthday with my daughter.


Death was near.  I would either kill myself quickly through suicide or through the slow suicide of alcoholism.  Then on that magical morning, I cried out to this Power greater than myself – the God of many names – the One True Radiant Light, the Divine Intelligence that is. If only He could keep me sober…just this one day….

I frantically attended an online Recovery Meeting.  Something absolutely magical transformed me!  I received true Guidance and the gift of sobriety on my daughter’s birthday!  And we CELEBRATED!   I’ve been sober ever since. I battled alcoholism for 30 years.  Today, I’m in Recovery and I treat my alcoholism every single day. It’s miraculous I survived at all.

Today I can say that I have had a dramatic Spiritual Experience and Spiritual Awakening.  Today I have a Loving relationship with a God of my understanding that is wilder and more beautiful than anything I could have imagined on my own.


I’m a Personal Response-Ability Coach, trained and certified to teach the GO Broken to Beautiful program.  I would love to show you how this program, this comprehensive life-changing course, these tools, and these principles, will help you completely rewire your thoughts and lead you down the path to your own Creator. I’ve experienced a magnificent transformation, and you will too.

I am a living example of someone who has gone from my own brokenness to beauty—darkness into Light.

If you are looking for help with alcoholism or if you are concerned about other addictive behaviors, we should talk now.  It’s 100% possible to turn it all around and create an amazing life. Your success is just one decision away….



  • Recovering alcoholic/workaholic
  • Arrested investigated, in and out of jail
  • Divorce, anxiety, poor mental health, low self-esteem, illness, fears, or work challenges
  • ICF Certified Recovery Coach
  • New View Concepts PRAC Certified
  • Energy Healing and Quantum Healing Expert
  • Board of Directors, Iowa City Sober Living
  • Board of Directors, The Prison Project, New View Concepts

I would love to join you on your path from Brokenness to Beautiful.  Let’s get you back to Beautiful!

Call or text:  319-540-6240

Email:  Rachel@EvolveCoaching.us

Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/rachel-barnhart-237a93a4