Revised 01/21/24

NVC is so confident in your launch to success and significance as a Certified Personal Response-Ability Coach™, that if you don’t earn back your initial tuition investment from paying clients within your first twelve months*, NVC will continue to work with you until you do, at no charge--up to an additional 6 months--or your money back. Terms and conditions apply**.

* -“Twelve months” = begins on the date the Candidate officially certifies as a PRAC and ends twelve months after the date of certification.

(Candidate) = a person actively going through NVC PRAC Training and Certification.

(NVC) = New View Concepts(PRAC) = Certified Personal Response-Ability Coach™.

(PRAC Certification Requirements) = 60 hours PRAC training, e.g. 5-days (40 hours) in class training, 12 hours online Business Launch Essentials, Final Exam, Internship, Self-Evaluation with PRAC Educator.

(Certification) = Certification is the decision of the Sr. PRAC Educator or the PRAC Educator.

NOTE: If PRAC does not meet requirements to certify, PRAC may repeat the PRAC Training and Certification class for a fee of $500.


To qualify for the Money-Back Guarantee, a PRAC is required to do the following within 90days after PRAC’s NVC Certification:

  1. Complete all PRAC Certification requirements.

  2. PRAC provides his/her professional photo and profile for NVC to include on NVC’s website. (NVC reserves the right to edit the profile.)

  3. PRAC provides a contact option on his/her profile. (NVC suggests offering a phone number for a quick text and return call, as well as a direct calendar link for a conference or Zoom call, a phone number and email address.)

  4. PRAC is active in at least 25 private social media groups pertaining to PRAC’s niche on Facebook and/or other social media; and PRAC is active in at least 25 life coaching private groups.

  5. PRAC is actively running Facebook or other social media ads every week.

  6. PRAC has a strong social media presence, running posts consistently.

  7. PRAC reaches out to affiliate contacts such as therapists, other coaches, etc.

  8. PRAC has actively marketed themselves as a PRAC to his/her own Circle of Influence Top 100 List, all relative channels such as face-to-face Zoom, phone, via email and other social messaging, etc.

  9. PRAC develops a strong email list and is dripping emails at least every week.

  10. PRAC offers a strong referral system pay-out.

  11. PRAC offers reciprocal affiliate compensation for exposure.