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Strömgatan 18, Stockholm, Sweden
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Lila Ijaz

Lila is a passionate, intellectual, and spiritual Personal Response-Ability Coach™. Lila understands the mind/body/soul connection and really wants to help you learn, grow, and improve yourself. She is excited to share personal development education taught through the GO Broken to Beautiful/Badass™ Courses offered at New View Concepts, LLC. She is ready to help you realize your full potential and empower you to become the best version of yourself. As your Personal Response-Ability Coach, Lila will be your #1 cheerleader, mentor, and supporter within your self- enrichment journey!

Lila has experienced her own personal life challenges, but through faith and perseverance, she learned how to pick herself up and keep going. She truly believes that adversity helps us to become much more stronger, wiser, and better. Lila greatly values her relationship with God, and would love to help strengthen your faith in God. She really wants to help others find real peace, happiness, and success within their own lives. Lila is eager to share all that she has learned about the journey of life, the human experience, and the meaning of life.

Favorite Life Quote: “Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift. That’s why it’s called The Present.”

Education: Master of Business Administration Degree [M.B.A.] – State University of New York in Oswego, Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management [B.S.] – State University of New York at Farmingdale

Interests: Personal Development, Professional Development, Psychology, Spirituality, Philosophy, Sociology, International Studies, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, etc.

Understands: Peace, Love, Happiness, Positivity, Faith, Gratitude, Emotions, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Self-Empowerment, Motivation, Success Habits, Leadership Skills, etc.

REQUEST a 30-minute MEET AND GREET with LILA IJAZ to see if you are a good fit.

Email Lila at: Lilaijaz@gmail.com