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Jim Powell

Jim was born and raised in Southern California. His family moved around a lot and experienced many hardships. However, as the eighth of ten children, including an identical twin brother, he never felt lonely or deprived. Jim made friends easily, liked school, loved sports and developed a natural disposition of trust and compassion. After high school, assisting others came naturally and he often found himself tutoring, coaching, counseling or simply befriending those in need. Jim has now been married to his wonderful wife Susan for 32 years, has four amazing daughters and six adorable grandchildren. He has had an abiding love for young children his entire life and developed a powerful desire to see today’s youth become their best selves.

Jim has had extensive professional, volunteer and religious experience in coaching, counseling, training, public speaking, sales and customer service. Most notable was twelve years of one-on-one and group counseling with teens in therapeutic-level foster care and court-ordered programs. Their presenting problems ranged from various levels of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, habitual use of drugs and alcohol, academic failure and delinquent behaviors. He was the program director for his State’s Children’s Emergency Shelter for six years and simultaneously contracted as the State’s lead trainer for new foster and adoptive parents. In all, Jim has directly served in excess of 800 children and counseled with a good number of their parents. Other relevant experience includes working with bereaved families in the funeral home industry for five years. In recent years, Jim became a certified hypnotherapist and experienced the long-term care of an aging family member.

Jim is a budding Master’s Ultra Marathon runner and health advocate with his sights set on the Master’s Ultra Trail Championships in 2023 and the World Ironman Championships in Hawaii in 2025. His purpose in life is to “First Observe, then Serve.” Jim has repeatedly experienced with self and others his personal mantra that when good desires, God’s approval, and faithful action come together, then rapid, positive–even miraculous–results occur…just like that!

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