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GO Broken to Badass

Unlike many traditional therapeutic approaches which can last months or even years (but is oftentimes needed after trauma), can cost tens of thousands of dollars, create dependency on a therapist and might leave some more confused and anxiety-burdened than when the sessions began, GO Broken to Beautiful™ and GO Broken to Badass™ is a process that grows personal power through an evolution of responsibility. You are responsible in life to choose the thoughts and behaviors that produce more productive results. By responsibility, we mean “response-ability,” meaning the personal ability to respond in better ways.

Certification Training for Response-Ability Coaches – A Certified Response-Ability™ Coach (R-A Coach) helps guide you, helps keep you focused, set goals, be accountable, and helps you design your step-by-step plan toward your life of stability, success and significance. We call our certified coaches Response-Ability™ Coaches because they help clients improve their response to adversity and challenges in life. Our R-A Coaches have gone through extensive in-depth training and are certified through New View Concepts, LLC. Individual R-A Coaches set their own fees. Cost of Course is included.

TACT: The Roots of Legendary Service – The fundamental premise of the TACT program is that success is synonymous with service. Your rewards in life will always be in proportion to service you render. This is a business course oriented to corporations to differentiate themselves from the competition.

The following courses are currently being upgraded: VisionLight Essentials Quantum Thought Training (currently being upgraded), Leadership in the 3rd Paradigm (currently being upgraded)

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