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Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Reality

Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Reality


They can come from nowhere! They come unannounced, unplanned, unexpected—and are unwelcomed! Our negative thinking patterns can sabotage us at every corner! Learning to have mind control is an art, a skill that demands patience,
perseverance and practice. And unless we are diligent and remain focused, our efforts towards success in this endeavor can be thwarted. But if we are determined to
re-train our un-disciplined mind, the rewards can be significant! It has been said, if you do today what you did yesterday, nothing will be different tomorrow. So, if you EXPECT something different, LEARN TO THINK something different! DO something different! Practice the skills necessary to keep your life on track by fortifying the
navigation panel in your mind.

Thought control is like growing a garden. We have two choices: nourish—or neglect. If we choose to do those things we know will foster strong, hardy flowers, we can expect a beautiful botanical masterpiece. Weeding is not a one-time activity. We must be diligent all through the growing season to care and nurture all we want to flourish. Likewise, if we choose to be diligent in nourishing our thoughts, we can expect success in all areas: relationships, our financial endeavors, in our spiritual growth, our health and mental well-being, our social life, and our career or business. When our thoughts become healthy, our attitudes and behaviors become healthy.

But, as in all things, we are free to choose to neglect the Law of the Harvest. If we do not water, weed, and fortify the garden, we can expect bugs, immature plants, and perhaps no plants at all! The same rule applies in thought control: if we do not pluck the weeds (negative thoughts), and water and fertilize (add positive, dominant thoughts), our garden will be overrun with insecurities, negatives and failure. It is literally impossible to succeed at anything if your thoughts are telling you, “I can’t!” “I’m not smart enough!” “I don’t know how!” “I don’t deserve to succeed!” “I’ve always been a failure; there’s no sense in even trying!” Learning mind control need not be arduous. If you have been plagued by negative thinking patterns, and find it frustrating and almost impossible to succeed, learning and using the following tool will help you. Unproductive thoughts CAN be ELIMINATED. YOU CAN STOP and re-direct negative thoughts before they control and sabotage you!

In the VisionLight™ Essentials Quantum Thought Training System, we teach the ICE TOOLI C E is an acronym for Identify, Confine, Eliminate.

1. IDENTIFY. The first step in handling your negative thought is to determine exactly why the thought is negative. It’s important that you be specific about this. Being specific allows you to focus on arresting the negative thought and deliberately taking control over it. Ask yourself, “Is this thought healthy? Is this thought going to take me where I want to go? Is this thought going to promote healthy emotions? Is this thought productive or counter-productive in building a stronger me?” NO? THEN, MAKE THE CHOICE TO STOP THAT NEGATIVE THOUGHT IN ITS TRACKS!

2. CONFINE. Once your negative thought is specifically identified, imagine bringing in your “negative thought police” and arresting it. Confine the negative thought behind mental bars so that it has no ability to impede your progress. When you capture it, you can confine it so that it loses its power over you. Visualize in detail and with great emotion, arresting and stopping that unwanted thought.

3. ELIMINATE. Having identified and confined your negative thought, you must still take a creative step to eliminate it. Now make the choice to ELIMINATE that unhealthy thought! The key is to get into motion. ACT! It doesn’t matter if you are perfect in the attempt. Simply take the next step and replace the unwanted thought with a productive thought. Thinking, “I am fat” may be a true statement, but it also reinforces being fat, and your subconscious works to make sure you STAY fat! Change your thought to, “I am fit, trim and healthy!” This way, you are not reinforcing the negative, but you actually acknowledge the results of the positive. When you think this, and feel this, and proclaim it AS TRUE–with emotion and power–your subconscious mind goes to work and truly makes becoming fit, trim and healthy a reality (quantum physics!). As you will learn in our VisionLight™ Essentials Quantum Thought Course, your subconscious deals with specific pictures, not generalities. And it does not know what IS true and what is NOT true, so, reinforce what you want! Visualize with all your senses: smell, touch, feel, see, hear. The more sensory rich you see the wanted result, the more your subconscious will react to the new programming and will work to make it happen.

Literally, the quantum mind dictates: what you SEE is what you get! That’s a universal quantum physics law! Let your burning vision and your passionate determination drive you ahead so that you eliminate your negative thinking patterns. Never allow your negative thoughts to percolate. GET RID OF THEM THE VERY MOMENT THEY POP INTO YOUR HEAD before they have time to take root! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

A few years ago, I had an experience that could have sabotaged my relationship with Jesse (my husband and partner and CEO of this company). I told Jesse that even though we had committed to each other, even though we knew we would be married, the thought of a man I
had previously dated kept popping into my mind. Jesse asked me what I wanted from those thoughts. I told him I didn’t want those thoughts—I wanted him!—not the other man! So, Jesse taught me to ICE the unwanted thought. He walked me through the process, actually
identifying, confining, and eliminating the thought. Those unwanted thoughts have never reentered my mind! This process is amazing!

What you think and where you take your thoughts is a choice. When a negative thought pops in, at that very moment YOU HAVE A CHOICE. You can choose to entertain that unproductive thought, nourish it, wallow with it, and continue the negative mind chatter drama (which can
actually LEAD you to that unwanted place!), OR you can ICE it; confine it, replace the negative thought with a positive one, and then eliminate it. With practice, your life WILL transform! 

YOU WILL begin to experience more and more success as you train your brain on purpose with purpose. You DO have control over what you think! Nourish your mind garden. Visualize and THINK ABOUT success in all areas of your life. You CAN do this! MAKE IT HAPPEN! As you care, tend and nourish your mind garden, your life’s dreams will become reality. Your thoughts will take you to the destination YOU
deliberately target! 

ALL SUCCESS—AND FAILURE—BEGINS WITH THOUGHT! What you think in your mind will become your reality!

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