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Hope Beyond Bars

October 05, 20231 min read

Many of us walk outside the barbed wire that holds so many others captive; yet, still, we are locked in a prison of one kind or another.

Self-inflicted shackles keep us from feeling joy, from reaching our full potential, from thriving.

Maybe… you don’t feel worthy.
Maybe… you don’t feel capable.
Maybe… you don’t feel needed or important.
Maybe… you don’t feel wanted or loved.

Whatever the reason life has crushed the God-given broken-but-beautiful you… there is hope beyond the bars that hold you captive.

You can CHOOSE to leave the past behind, then CHOOSE to watch the sunset on any pain you endured, any mistakes you made...

Then CHOOSE to welcome the sunrise on your new beginning--the new view of the new you.

Open the gates.
Open your mind.
Open your heart.

CHOOSE to release the shackles that bind you.

Freedom is a choice.
Freedom is a state of mind.
There is hope beyond the bars.
Choose it.
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Rene'e La Montagne Dunn

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