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Become a Coach

Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach? Do you have a vision of teaching, inspiring, and guiding people broken by life to become whole again? Are your ready to make a career out of helping others become their best selves? Are you ready to finally live your life of purpose, building a legacy of success and significance?

Your desire to serve and lift others is the greatest aspiration and most urgent vocation in today’s world. You can certainly have an impactful practice as a Certified Personal Response-Ability Coach™.

At New View Concepts we call the life coaches Personal Response-Ability Coaches™ because they teach clients how to improve their response to adversity and challenges in life. Our Coaches have gone through extensive in-depth training and are certified through NVC. A certified Personal Response-Ability Coach™ helps guide clients through the GO Broken to Beautiful /Badass™ Courses, helps keep them focused, set goals, be accountable, and helps them design their own step-by-step plan toward a life of stability, success and significance.


For more information about certifying as a Personal Response-Ability Coach, CLICK HERE.