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Have you ever thought about becoming a life coach? Do you have a vision of teaching, inspiring, and guiding people broken by life to become whole again? Are you ready to make a career out of helping others become their best selves? Are you ready to finally live your life of purpose, building a legacy of success and significance? Your desire to serve and lift others is the greatest aspiration and most urgent vocation in today’s world. You can certainly have an impactful practice as a Certified Personal Response-Ability Coach™(PRAC, for short).You may be asking, “Do I have to be in perfect control of every aspect of my life to coach others?” We are all works in progress. None of us is perfect; none of us is living a life of stability in all areas of life (social, physical, financial, spiritual, business/career, and psychological/mental/emotional.)Becoming a PRAC is not about being perfect; it’s about being on the path TO BECOMING. All you need to become a PRAC is to be the most inspired version of yourself to inspire others to become their best selves.
A Certified Personal Response-Ability Coach teaches clients how to improve their ability to respond to adversity and challenges in life. All of us have trials to overcome. At those times when we are crushed by the relentless waves of hardship, we often don’t know what to do. We may temporarily freeze, and our choices may seem limited. We go into a state of “response-inability.” At these special moments, you are needed as a Coach to increase “response-ability.” We give our expertise, support, and focus to the person who is seeking their own growth and improvement, even if they feel broken. We’re on the side of those pieces in them that want everything to be better; we discover where that is; we work to facilitate it. We teach people life skills and good habits; we help people overcome procrastination to reach their dreams and goals. We help people rise above depression and give them tools to stop the negative thinking patterns that take them down into that deep, dark pit. We help people with stress and anxiety, with job and career issues. We help people develop good life “systems”—not just for the issues they face today—but tools they can use for the rest of their lives to be better. We believe that being better is better than just feeling better. We urgently need Coaches to help people through the ravages of divorce, abuse, loneliness, addiction, financial failure, grief, the loss of a loved one, the pandemic—any traumatic life event. We need Coaches that have been “seasoned”—they have gone through their own traumas, made mistakes, have failed, have been beaten down by life events, but have risen again to recognize lessons learned—and now want to share their success with others. We need Coaches that care about people, who have big hearts, who want to serve and help others become their best selves. We need Coaches that can guide clients to find their own answers without giving advice, helping clients explore their options, and finally, encouraging clients to make choices that will help them become more resilient, more capable, stronger, wiser, and more confident than ever before. Our PRACs not only use the tools and principles we teach them but bring from their own quiver skills and other tools a client needs to overcome self-defeating behaviors, negative thinking patterns, bad habits, crippling false beliefs, etcetera. PRACs may customize the GO Broken to Beautiful/Badass™ Course for each client, and bring to the table their own modalities, their other learnings, their other specialties, to greatly enhance the progress and success of the client at the discretion of the PRAC. Thank you for your interest in the Personal Response-Ability Coach Certification Program. You will embark on a journey of self-growth and significant, rewarding service to people who urgently need you. Investing in yourself will not only improve your life in remarkable ways, but it will also improve the lives of those whom you serve, perhaps in miraculous ways.
If accepted into the program, you can certify as a Personal Response-Ability Coach in less than 30 days. The fee for PRAC Certification through NVC is $3,500—which includes the comprehensive GO Broken to Beautiful/Badass Course—all videos, worksheets, pdfs, and the #1 INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER,“GO Broken to Beautiful—What to Do When Life Leaves You Broken” Manual, AND the 300+ page PRAC Certification Guidebook (hardcopies included). The pre-course work includes reviewing all the videos and reading and doing the homework in the GB2B Manual. You will be prepared to come to a 5 day, 9-5:00 certification zoom class to dive deep into the GO Broken to Beautiful/Badass Course. You will learn the principles and concepts of Personal Response-Ability Coaching. You will practice coaching with lots of case study events. You will learn what is/is not a coach, how to teach the quantum thought ICE Tool™ and other GB2B/BA tools to clients, and how to start and market your own business. There will be a final exam. The Internship consists of recording 3 zoom calls with clients as directed by your PRAC Educator.
The PRAC Educator will review those videos, and together, you will do an evaluation of your skills and knowledge. Once approved (and after your PRAC Certification Course fee has been paid in full to NVC), you will receive your PRAC Certification, and you will be included as a Certified PRAC on NVC’s website and included as “an expert” on the Facebook private group: Quantum Shift Group for those Broken by Life.
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NVC will do all possible to help you reach your goals by:
  • teaching how to run a business
  • teaching about marketing
  • advertising PRACs on our website
  • advertising PRACs elsewhere
  • noting PRACs as “experts” in NVC’s private Facebook Group: Quantum Shift Group for Those Broken by Life(1000+/-followers)•noting PRACs as “experts” on NVC’s Facebook pages: New View Concepts –Ignite Quantum Thought (currently about 50,000+/-followers), and GO Broken to Beautiful (currently about 13,000 +/-followers)
  • offering PRAC Continuing Education Forums to PRACs
  • offering PRACs an option to teach their own modalities and coaching techniques in the PRAC Continuing Education Forums
  • featuring interested PRACs as guest speakers/presenters in the Wednesday Live Stream Facebook Group: Quantum Shift Group for Those Broken by Life NVC will do all possible to help you be successful. Your success, however, is still your responsibility.
As a Certified Personal Response-Ability Coach you will be trained to guide clients through the GO Broken to Beautiful or GO broken to Badass Courses. You help keep them focused, set goals, be accountable. You teach and help them practice the tools outlined in the GB2B/BA Course. You use your other modalities to help your client. And you help them design their own personalized step-by-step plan toward a life of stability, success, and significance. This is YOUR business. You set your own hours, work from home, set your own fees, and can take on as many or as few clients as you wish. You are your own boss, can enjoy the freedom of working your own business, and finally, love “zooming” to work in a lucrative career that brings incredible self-satisfaction and meaning to life. The beauty of this opportunity is that you can decide how many people you coach per month—full time, part-time. Maybe serving one person a month is enough. Depending on your financial goals, this could be a lucrative way to supplement existing income without jumping in all at once. Doing your own advertising, seeking more clients not related to NVC, maybe that is your strategy. YOU decide. Again, this is your business.
You can customize the GO Broken to Beautiful/Badass program to meet your client’s needs, take them through the program at their speed, and use whatever other modalities you have learned to help that client become all he/she can be. The charge to you as the PRAC for enrolling your client in the GB2B/BA Course is $250(retails for $1,999). That breaks down to $17 per lesson over and above what you will charge your client for your fee(based on 15 lessons). NVC will send your client the full, comprehensive Course, the digital Manual, the videos, the pdfs, the worksheets. Your client will have life-time access to the Course even when you, as his coach, is long gone.
Another way to pay for your certification training is to invite your friends and family to become a Certified Response-Ability Coach through New View Concepts, LLC. For every person you refer who registers and pays for PRAC Certification, NVC will pay you a 10%referral fee(10% of $3,500 = $350). This is also a lucrative way to continue to make money AFTER you are certified. We at NVC value your opinion. As you refer your friends and family as possible PRACs, we trust and have confidence that you are only referring those people who care greatly for the welfare of others and will also align themselves with NVC’s mission and vision.

We have had such success with our spiritually grounded GO Broken to Beautiful/Badass Coach-guided programs that we began beta testing with inmates in several jails. The results were astounding. Because the testing proved so successful, Jesse and Rene’e La Montagne Dunn created the GO Broken to Beautiful Foundation, a501 (c)(3)non-profit organization.

The Foundation is dedicated to educating and inspiring inmates to make better choices—to be more response-able when facing adversity and challenges. Inmates are learning basic life skills that will help them in all six areas of life. They are learning to walk with integrity and set healthy boundaries. Through the Foundation, we hope to teach these inmates to become more response-able and accountable. We are also extending the opportunity to former inmates to become mentors, trained and certified as Personal Response-Ability Coaches™(if they so desire).As such, they can work through the Foundation to take the GO Broken to Beautiful™ and GO Broken to Badass programs (and NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming) into the prisons and jails to educate and coach other prisoners. This approach can give former inmates a paying job opportunity, a life of purpose and passion, and an occupation that fosters self-satisfaction, self-worth, and a sense of great accomplishment. Recidivism rates are soaring. Statistics suggest that 9 years after a prisoner’s release, 83% will be re-arrested and will go back to prison. The goal of the Foundation is to help stop generational abuse, crime, addiction, and poverty—one soul at a time. When you change the face of a man, of a woman, of a family, of a community, you change the face of a nation! If your life purpose aligns with the mission of this endeavor, we invite you to jump on board with Yager Training and New View Concepts, LLC to support, endorse, donate to, work with, and/or share your gifts and talents with these souls as a Certified Response-Ability Coach. Our vision is to take this Foundation nation-wide to make these programs available to all inmates. Because … being better is better than simply feeling better.
The Prison Project website: www.GOBrokentoBeautifulFoundation.org
The GB2B Foundation is gratefully accepting donations at https://donorbox.org/spring-2022
We respect that your investment of time and resources is a serious thing. Self-expansion is delicate, and we treat it as sacred ground. Our commitment is to your success. And we guarantee you will grow. You will learn and practice new principles and tools that will help you to control and navigate your dominant thoughts and evaluate your own level of “response-ability.” You will learn how to help others through coaching skills such as asking great questions, superior listening, and powerful encouragement. You will learn the basics and mechanics of building a successful business. You are urgently needed! There is someone out there who needs YOU! You will see life-changing results! You will help your clients grow their response-ability. You will coach people to be better, not just feel better. Our goal is to reduce those suicide stats… one soul at a time. We invite you to join us in this very sacred, heart-filling endeavor. The investment you make in yourself ($3,500) can be made in payments. Please see those options on this page.
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The Investment For The NVC Prac Certification Course Is $3,500

Save processing fees if paid in full at the time of registration


The PRAC certificate (if earned) is not issued until the balance is paid in full PRAC Certification Class includes the digitals of the entire GO Broken to Beautiful or Badass Course (a $2,000 Course), the #1 International Bestselling GO Broken to Beautiful Manual or the GO Broken to Badass Manual, all the Course videos, the pdfs, and the worksheets (lifetime access). Also included is the digital PRAC Certification Guidebook. The hard copies of the Manual and the Guidebook will be shipped via media mail ground at no extra charge once registered.

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