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Jesse L. Dunn

"So, you want to change the world?
The world will change without you.
The challenge is to change the world within you."

Jesse L. Dunn is the Founder and CEO of New View Concepts, LLC and Creator of the GO Broken to Beautiful™ Course, and author (with wife, Rene'e) of the #1 International Bestseller, GO Broken to Beautiful Manual: What to Do When Life Leaves Your Broken™. His story of brokenness and subsequent mending is woven throughout the GO Broken to Beautiful™ and Badass Manuals, where he opens his personal experience in the hope and belief that others who are deeply discouraged might find blessings in their journeys.

Jesse's passion and expertise in transformational change has been cultivated over 30+ years of senior leadership in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. He has worked with groups and organizations that range from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses. He has equal comforting capability with frontline, mid-level, and C-suite level staff. He is a business consultant and trained mediator. Dunn believes, however, his most significant achievements have come in counseling with individuals striving to improve their lives and circumstances.

Jesse Dunn's undergraduate degree is in psychology, and he holds a master's degree in organizational management, is a Certified Cognitive Behavioral Therapy practitioner, an author, teacher, and lecturer. Jesse is a John Maxwell Team Certified Trainer, Coach, and Speaker and is a trained mediator.

Dunn has trained tens of thousands or participants throughout the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Spain, and India. Jesse is a musician, composer, father of six, grandfather of sixteen (and counting), husband (of one), a strong church leader, and an active community volunteer and leader. He lives in the Western United States.

Jesse and wife Rene'e have been so successful with their Life-Coaching Program, training and certifying their coaches, their GO Broken to Beautiful and Badass™ Course, their #1 International Bestselling Manual, that they began coaching incarcerated citizens. With the profound positive life changes these people made, the Dunns created the GO Broken to Beautiful Foundation, The Prison Project. The goal of this magnificent mission is to make the GO Broken to Beautiful/Badass™ Program available to all incarcerated (and previously incarcerated) citizens in all jails and prisons nationwide. As the inmates are released from being incarcerated, they have the option of training to become Personal Response-Ability Coaches™, working as paid employees of the Foundation, and helping with The Prison Project. As these forgotten people learn to live in the love caring level (the 3rd Paradigm Mind, as Dunn teaches), the Dunns are optimistic that recidivism will decline, and formerly incarcerated citizens will break the generational curses of crime, addiction, abuse, and poverty.

Dunn's tag line is so appropriate for this marginalized, forgotten community:

BECAUSE... BEING better is better than simply

Rene'e La Montagne Dunn

Co-Author's story about how the Prison Project came to be

The Prison Project began as a seedling of thought about 20 years ago. My alcoholic daughter landed in jail for a DUI. While visiting her, my heart was deeply moved by the stories of the other incarcerated women: the loss of their children; abused in every way; never appreciated; never loved; never shown kindness; broken in mind, body, and spirit.

The visualization of a spiritually grounded program stirred in the catacombs of my heart; a program that would help these women rise up, overcome their trauma, and tragic memories, and become whole again. The vision grew into a cinema of color and feeling, a plan for teaching, uplifting, nurturing; but still, it was just a dream back then. (So I thought.)

I fell madly in love with Jesse L. Dunn the moment we met. This is a man of true integrity; a gentle, quiet should with a mind that never stops percolating. He came with a giant heart and a passion to help people become their best selves; a man determined to follow the Lord and His council and DO as he was instructed. We were married. As we discovered our passion and purpose in life meshed, we set out to built the GO Broken to Beautiful™ program. We teach the mechanics of quantum thought in our GB2B Course. We truly believe it is because of the dominant thoughts of building such a program, that it is here today. Our dominant thoughts lead us to our destiny--to success--or failure. We teach our clients how to direct their lives on purpose, with purpose--through their thoughts.

Along with Jesse's story, the trauma from my brokenness is also woven through the GB2B Manual. The "ICE Tool," a quantum thought tool taught in the Manual, finally released me from the echoes of rape, abandonment, abuse, a tragic divorce, and depression. My story of going from broken to beautiful provides an empathy unchallenged as a Personal Response-Ability Coach™. My "gain through pain" is centered around the teachings of Jesus Christ, and without all that pain, I would not be where I am today. What a gift!

I am the President of the Go Broken to Beautiful Foundation, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at New View Concepts, LLC, the Co-author of the GB2B/BA™ Courses, and the Co-author of the #1 International Bestseller, GO Broken to Beautiful Manual: What to Do When Life Leaves You Broken. I am a Quantum Thought Educator, a Certified Personal Response-Ability Coach™ and Educator. I am a Certified Hypnosis Practitioner and Certified in Neurolinguistic Programming.. and the wife of CEO and Founder, Jesse L. Dunn.

I am an author, a composer, a pianist, and have been an entrepreneur all my life. I have owned many restaurants, lodges, motels, and I am a real estate investor, and successful Network Marketer. (But nothing I have ever done has been this important, this rewarding, and this needed.) I am the proud mother of 3 beautiful daughters, a greatmother, and great grandmother of an army of iddybiddies.

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