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Abeir Mashamoun

Hi! I’m Abeir Mashamoun. Thanks for stopping by!

As a natural people person, I have always been interested in the mind, behavior, emotions, spirit, relationships, cultural identity and in the dynamics of change and resilience.

Having lived in Africa, Asia and Europe I was exposed to different cultural and ethnicity backgrounds. I quickly understood–despite our differences–there is a shared humanity in our pain and suffering. As Obama once mentioned, “Our stories may be singular, but our
destination is shared.”

It became clear to me then that I have great passion for human potential and sought to live my life purpose. As such, I’ve become a women’s rights activist. I’ve worked for several nonprofits to join the causes that do good for the world, and most importantly, volunteering to pay it forward.

Around 16 years ago I faced the tragedy of losing both my parents within 8 months apart. The grief, pain, and trauma took over my life and I lived a life of worthlessness. In addition, I have a brother who is schizophrenic. That kind of stress certainly takes a toll in one’s family. However, my brother is my biggest inspiration and the very reason I want to do my part to help heal the world. For me, he is whole and complete–and it is only a matter of time till he sees it for himself.

I was completely broken and disappointed by life until I went through an inner revolutionary transformation and began sharing and facilitating my experience to benefit others. Ever since, I’ve facilitated break-through results through questions, analysis, and action plans.

Through the GO Broken to Beautiful™ and GO Broken to Badass™ course you will immediately recognize that the thoughts, emotions, energy and physical body are interconnected, and by the power of your thoughts and choices you can live a life by intentional design regardless of what you’ve gone through or what your outer circumstances are.

My intention as a Personal Response-Ability Coach™ is to eliminate suffering and elevate one’s consciousness to express the truest version of themselves.

Graduated Bachelors business administration

Hobbies: singing, writing poetry and hiking in nature

REQUEST a 30-minute MEET AND GREET with ABEIR MASHAMOUN to see if you are a good fit. Email Abeir at abeir.mashamoun@gmail.com